Wildlife, Horses and Dogs are my favourite animals to photograph. I love action photos. I also love recording special moments with my family and friends.

The beauty of being in the wild is that there is so much to photograph, from tiny little insects and birds to huge mammals and reptiles. My children and grandies love the bush and enjoy using a camera  to photograph all the animals and birds they come across.  I love their enthusiasm to learn all there is to know about each animal we come across.   I also love the look on their faces when I let them use “my” camera to photograph an animal and they get very excited when they take a great photo. 

We have decided to share some of our photos that we have both taken of Wildlife for other people to enjoy. Why keep them to ourselves when there are people out there who love to see wildlife, but don’t have the opportunity to visit the National Parks?

Please feel free to click on the Travel Reports link on the Menu to read about our trips to the various South African National Parks that we have visited. These Travel Reports are available on the SANparks Travel Tales Forum. I write under the pseudonym of Jesscan1.

We hope you ENJOY all the photos that we have showcased on this webpage.

Photos Shoots are FUN!

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